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Who We Are

We,CLI Industrial Co., Ltd. , are one expert designer, manufacturer and exporter of sliding bearings and bushings under our own registered brand CLI. We concentrate on researching, designing and producing premium quality sliding bearings and bushings since 1998.

With our own factory in Jiashan City, we successfully adopted ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. It guarantees the total quality control during producing and inspecting. Make sure no one defective product will be delivered...

What We Focus on

What We Produce (Download PDF Catalogues)

     Metal-polymer Dry Bearings

       ● Metal-polymer-composite material
       ● Sintered bronze powder with PTFE material.
       ● Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free
       ● Product series:

          CLI01, CLI01-B, CLI04,CLI31, CLI03, CLI02, CLI05, CLISS,
          Door Hinge Bearing, Pump Bearing,
          Shock Absorber Bearing


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Bimetallic Bearings

     ● Steel-lead-bronze-compound material
       ● Steel backing + Bronze Alloy layer
       ● Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free
       ● Product series:
SAE 797 Bronze Alloy, SAE 799 Bronze Alloy,
          SAE 783 Bronze Alloy, SAE 48 Bronze Alloy,
          SAE 49 Bronze Alloy

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     Sintered Metallic Powder with Oil Impregnation

       ● Oil- impregnated metal powder material
● Powder metallurgy technology
       ● Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free

● Product series:
Sintered Iron Bearing, Sintered Iron Bearing,
          Sintered Parts & Components


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     Bronze Bearing

       ● Bronze alloy material wrapped up
● Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free
● Product series:
          FB090 bronze bushing
          FB091bronze bushing with graphite in diamond holes
          FB092 bronze bushing with oil holes
          FB093 bronze bushing with seals

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      OILES 500SP Solid Lubricant Bearing

       ● Material: Bronze Alloy + Graphite
       ● Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free
       ● Product series:

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     Ball Retainer / Roller Guide Bearings

      ● High accuracy & precision

● Product series:
         FZH Copper Retainer,
         FZL Aluminum Retainer,
         FZP POM Retainer

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Bronze Bearing

        ● Bronze alloy materials
High precision

● Product series:
           Aluminum Bronze
, Phosphor Bronze,
           Silicon Bronze, Beryllium Copper, etc...


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      Rod End / Hydraulic Rod End / Ball Joint
        ● Rod End: Maintenance-free rod ends with PTFE;
                             Stainless steel rod ends; 
                             Plastic rod ends;
                             Aluminum rod ends;
        ● Hydraulic Rod End: GIHR…DO, GIHR-K, GIHN-K…LO,
                                              GIHO-K…DO, GK…SK, GK…DO,
                                              GF…DO, GN…LO
        ● Rod End with Studs: CF...Y, CM…Y
        ● Ball Joint: SQZ…RS, SQ…RS, SQP…S, BL…D/BD 
Cli bearing & bushing