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Metal Polymer Dry Bearings


CLI04, Dry Bearings, Steel backing, Lead Free

DP4 bearings

Metal-polymer-composite material

Steel Backing + porous bronze sinter + PTFE + CaF2 + Fillers 

Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free


1. CLI04 Dry Bearings material is compliant with the European Union's End of Life Vehicles ( ELV ) directive 2000/53/EC on the elimination of hazardous materials in the construction of passenger cars and light trucks.
2. CLI04 Dry Bearings material is compliant with the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC concerning the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment ( RoHS Regulation ).
3. CLI04 Dry Bearings material has good wear resistance and low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperature conditions.
4. CLI04 Dry Bearings material has very good performance in oil lubricated heavy duty hydraulic applications.
5. CLI04 Dry Bearings material offers benefits in applications where corrosion of the lead in CLIDU may occur.
6. CLI04 Dry Bearings material offers improved wear and friction performance along with good chemical resistance compared to CLIDU Dry Bearings material.
7. CLI04 Dry Bearings material performs well in dry under light duty applications.
8. CLI04 Dry Bearings material is particularly suitable for intermittent operation under reciprocating or oscillating movements.

Physical & Mechanical Properties




Maximum Operating Temperature Tmax



Minimum Operating Temperature Tmin



Maximum Static Load Psta,max



Maximum Dynamic Load Pdyn,max



Maximum Sliding Speed V-dry



Maximum Sliding Speed V-oil lubricated



Maximum PV Factor-dry


N/mm2 * m/s

Maximum PV Factor-oil lubricated


N/mm2 * m/s

Coefficient of friction f-dry



Coefficient of friction f-oil lubricated



Usage Range



oil lubricated

very good

grease lubricated


water lubricated


process fluid lubricated


Possible Application


McPherson struts and shock absorbers, doors, bonnets and tailgate hinges, steering columns, clutches, gearbox selector fork guides, wiper arms, power steering pumps, pedal bushes, ABS equipment, etc.

Aerospace, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, forming machines-metal, plastic and rubber, office equipment, medical and scientific equipment, packaging equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors, railroad and ramways, textile machinery, valves, etc.

Standard Parts Available

Cylindrical Bush

Flanged Bush

Thrust Washer

Flanged Washer

Strip / Plate

DP4 cylindrical bush

DP4 flanged bush

DP4 thrust washer

DP4 flanged washer

DP4 strip











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Metal Polymer Dry Bearings









sliding bearing

self lubricating bearing

self lubricated bearing

self lubrication bearing

PTFE bush

PTFE bushing

PTFE bearing

dp4 bearing

dp4 bush

dp4 busing

dp4 washer

dp4 plate

motor damper bearing

oil pump bearing

composite dry bearing

composite sliding bearing

composite bearing

composite dry sliding bushing

composite washer

composite thrust washer

gear pump bearing

gear pump bush

gear pump bushing

shock absorber bearing

shock absorber bush

shock absorber bushing

door hinge bearing

door hinge bush

door hinge bushing


Cylindrical DP4 Bearings --- Metric Size (MM)

1215DP4  1220DP4  1225DP4  1310DP4  1320DP4  1405DP4  1410DP4  1412DP4  1415DP4  1420DP4  1425DP4  1510DP4  1512DP4  1515DP4  1520DP4  1525DP4  1610DP4  1612DP4  1615DP4  1620DP4  1625DP4  1720DP4  1810DP4  1815DP4  1820DP4  1825DP4  2010DP4  2015DP4  2020DP4  2025DP4  2030DP4  2215DP4  2220DP4  2225DP4  2230DP4  2415DP4  2420DP4  2425DP4  2430DP4  2515DP4  2520DP4  2525DP4  2530DP4  2550DP4  2815DP4  2820DP4  2825DP4  3010DP4  3015DP4  3020DP4  3025DP4  3030DP4  3040DP4  3220DP4  3230DP4  3240DP4  3520DP4  3530DP4  3535DP4  3540DP4  3550DP4  3720DP4  4020DP4  4030DP4  4040DP4  4050DP4  4520DP4  4530DP4  4540DP4  4545DP4  4550DP4  5020DP4  5030DP4  5040DP4  5050DP4  5060DP4  5520DP4  5525DP4  5530DP4  5540DP4  5550DP4  5555DP4  5560DP4  6020DP4  6030DP4  6040DP4  6050DP4  6060DP4  6070DP4  6530DP4  6550DP4  6570DP4  7040DP4  7070DP4  7560DP4  7580DP4  8040DP4  8060DP4  8080DP4  80100DP4  8530DP4  8560DP4  85100DP4  9060DP4  90100DP4  9560DP4  95100DP4  10050DP4  10060DP4  100115DP4 

Cylindrical DP4 Bearings --- Inch Size (INCH)

02DP402  02DP403  025DP4025  025DP404  03DP403  03DP404  03DP406  04DP404  04DP406  05DP406  05DP408  06DP403  06DP404  06DP406  06DP408  06DP410   06DP412  07DP408  07DP412  08DP404  08DP406  08DP408  08DP410  08DP412  08DP414  09DP406  09DP408  09DP410  09DP412  10DP404  10DP408  10DP412  10DP414  10DP416  11DP414  12DP404  12DP406  12DP408  12DP410  12DP412  12DP416  14DP404  14DP406  14DP412  14DP414  14DP416  14DP420  16DP406  16DP408  16DP412  16DP416  16DP420  16DP424  18DP406  18DP410  18DP412  18DP416  20DP406  20DP412  20DP414  20DP416  20DP420  20DP428  22DP412  22DP416  22DP424  22DP428  24DP408  24DP416  24DP418  24DP420  24DP424  24DP432  26DP416  26DP416  26DP424  28DP428  28DP432  30DP412  30DP416  30DP430  30DP436  32DP408  32DP416  32DP424  32DP428  32DP432  32DP440  34DP408  34DP412  34DP416  34DP424  34DP428  34DP432  34DP448  34DP464  36DP428  36DP432  36DP436  36DP440  36DP448  36DP456  36DP460  36DP464  36DP472  40DP416  40DP426  40DP432  40DP440  40DP448  40DP456  40DP460  40DP464  40DP472  40DP476  44DP432  44DP436  44DP440  44DP448  44DP456  44DP460  44DP472  44DP476  44DP480  48DP432  48DP436  48DP440  48DP448  48DP456  48DP460  48DP464  48DP472  48DP476  48DP480  52DP432  52DP438  52DP440  52DP448  52DP456  52DP460  52DP464  52DP472  52DP476  52DP480  56DP432  56DP438  56DP440  56DP448  56DP456  56DP460  56DP464  56DP472  56DP476  56DP480  58DP432  58DP436  58DP440  58DP448  58DP456  58DP460  58DP464  58DP472

Flanged DP4 Bearings --- Metric Size (MM)

BB0304DP4  BB0404DP4  BB0505DP4  BB0604DP4  BB0608DP4  BB0806DP4  BB0808DP4  BB0810DP4  BB1007DP4  BB1009DP4  BB1012DP4  BB1017DP4  BB1207DP4  BB1209DP4  BB1212DP4  BB1217DP4  BB1412DP4  BB1417DP4  BB1509DP4  BB1512DP4   BB1517DP4  BB1612DP4  BB1617DP4  BB1812DP4  BB1817DP4  BB1822DP4  BB2012DP4  BB2017DP4  BB2022DP4  BB2512DP4  BB2522DP4  BB3016DP4  BB3026DP4  BB3516DP4  BB3526DP4  BB4016DP4  BB4026DP4  BB4516DP4  BB4526DP4

Flanged DP4 Bearings --- Inch Size (INCH)

06FDP404  06FDP406  06FDP408  06FDP412  08FDP404  08FDP406  08FDP408  08FDP412  10FDP406  10FDP408  10FDP410   10FDP412  12FDP406  12FDP408  12FDP412  12FDP416  14FDP408  14FDP412  14FDP416  14FDP420  16FDP408  16FDP412  16FDP416  16FDP420  20FDP416  20FDP420  20FDP424  24FDP416  24FDP424  24FDP432

DP4 Thrust Washer --- Metric Size (MM)

WC08DP4  WC10DP4  WC12DP4  WC14DP4  WC16DP4  WC18DP4  WC20DP4  WC22DP4  WC24DP4  WC25DP4  WC30DP4  WC35DP4  WC40DP4  WC45DP4  WC50DP4  WC60DP4

DP4 Thrust Washer --- Inch Size (INCH)

DP406  DP407  DP408  DP409  DP410  DP411  DP412  DP414  DP416  DP418  DP420  DP422  DP424  DP426  DP428  DP430  DP432

DP4 Flanged Washer --- Metric Size (MM)

BS40DP4  BS50DP4  BS60DP4  BS70DP4  BS80DP4  BS90DP4  BS100DP4

DP4 Plates / Strips --- Metric Size (MM)

S07190DP4  S10190DP4  S15240DP4  S20240DP4  S25240DP4  S30240DP4



Cli bearing & bushing