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Bimetal Bearings

OILES 2000 Bushings ( CLB / CLF )

CLI-2000 Steel backing with sintered bronze powder with graphites

OILES2000 steel with sintered bronze and graphites



 Material Structures:

Steel backing + sintered bronze powder with graphites

CLI-2000 is a composite multi-layer bearing composed of a special sintered material which forms the sliding surface and steel material forms the backing.
Sintered layers are of a special copper-nickel alloy containing uniformly dispersed solid lubricant, the main component of which is graphite. The solid lubricants will be released at the bearing surface as wear occurs. This ensures a lower coefficient of friction during operation.
In addition, these sintered layers are oil impregnated. Applications covered are automotive die wear plates, industrial robots, plastic injection moulding machine wear plates and tie-bar bearings, construction machines etc.

CLI-2000 is very similar to material OILES2000 in Japan.


Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free


Pertinence for motions of any direction due to solid lubricant dispersed evenly, with high performance even for micro-range motions.
It is suitable for self-lubrication work condition, to aid lower start friction, we recommend pre-lubricated if possible, oiling would be drastically reduced. It has very good load capacity, good wear resistance and lower friction.
The bearing can be machined again after the parts fixed to get tighter tolerance.

Possible Applications

CLI-2000 BEARING has been widely used in high load with lower friction and good wear resistance requested mechanical parts where oil given is difficult such as automotive die wear plate, industrial robots, injection wear plate, injection tie-bar bushes, construction machines self-lubricating bearings etc.

Technical Data

OILES 2000 technical data

Standard Parts Available

 steel backing with sintered bronze powder and graphite bushing
CLI-2000 cylindrical bush
steel backing with sintered bronze powder and graphite wear plates
CLI-2000 jcux
steel backing with sintered bronze powder and graphite wear plates
cli-2000 jsox
steel backing with sintered bronze powder and graphite wear plates
cli-2000 jtwx
steel backing with sintered bronze powder and graphite wear plates
















bimetal bearing

bimetal bush

bimetal bushing

bi-metal bearing

bi-metal bush

bi-metal bushing

bimetallic bearing

bimetallic bush

bimetallic bushing

oil pump side plate

oil pump plate

oil pump bearing

oil pump bush

oil pump bushing

SY bearing

GGB SY bearing

SY bushing

SY bush

SY bearing

SY bimetal bearing

bimetal bearing SY

bush for oil pump

bush for construction machine

bronze lining

bronze layer

bronze bush

bronze bushing

bronze bearing

steel back bronze layer

friction plate

hydraulic pump plate

pump side plate

pump plate

SAE797 bearing

SAE783 bearing

SAE799 bearing

SAE48 bearing 

aloiles-2000 bearings

oiles-2000 wear plates

oiles-2000 bushings

Oiles 2000 bearings

Oiles 2000 bushings

Oiles 2000 wear plates


oiles#2000 straight bushings,

Oiles#2000 straight bearings,

oiles 2000 straight bushings,

oiles 2000 straight bearings,

oiles#2000 wear plates,

oiles 2000 wear plates,

The Oiles 2000 series are composite multi-layer bearings composed of sliding surfaces made of special sintered material and steel back metals. Solid lubricant mainly made of graphite is dispersed in the sintered layer, which is sintered and impregnated with oil.



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Oiles 2000 is a patented and proprietary specialty bearing product. Comprised of a machined steel body with a special low friction integral liner, 2000 handles loads and speeds not normally associated with lube free bearings. 2000 bearings are available from stock in specific metric sized bearings as well as wear plate material. Oiles 2000 outlasts, out performs and exceeds the limits of most standard plain bearings, accepting loading and motion in both rotary and linear planes.

OILES 2000 Straight Bushings (CLB)

CLB-121816  CLB-121825  CLB-162216  CLB-162220  CLB-162230  CLB-202820  CLB-202830  CLB-202840  CLB-253325  CLB-253330  CLB-253340  CLB-253350  CLB-303830  CLB-303840  CLB-303850  CLB-303860  CLB-354440  CLB-354450  CLB-354460  CLB-405040  CLB-405050  CLB-405060  CLB-506250  CLB-506280  CLB-607450  CLB-607460  CLB-607480  CLB-708550  CLB-7085100  CLB-809650  CLB-809680  CLB-8096120  CLB-10012050  CLB-100120100  CLB-100120120

OILES 2000 Flanged Bushings (CLF)
CLF-2030  CLF-2040  CLF-2530  CLF-2550  CLF-3030  CLF-3060  CLF-3540  CLF-3580  CLF-4040  CLF-4080  CLF-5050  CLF50100  54F-6060  54F-60120







Cli bearing & bushing