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Bronze Wrapped Bearing

FB090 (MBZ-B09 / SZ)

Product Code: FB090 Wrapped Bronze Bearings, CuSn8P, Diamond oil pocket

bronze bush

 FB090 bronze bearings wrapped

● Descriptions

1. Material

Chemical Composition (%)



Cu = 91.3%  Sn = 8.5%  P =0.2%

Lead Free


Cu = Balance. Sn = 9~11%, Pb=9~11%

With Lead

2. With diamond oil pocket

3. Lead-free & Low-maintenance

● Features

1. CLI-FB090 is based on high density bronze alloy, and rolled with diamond pocket or round pocket as it's inner surface.
2. It has high capacity, high temperature, anti-corrosion and good wear.
CLI-FB090 is very similar to GGB MBZ-B09 and GGB-SZ material.

● Possible Applications

Industrial: Widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and so on.


1. Lead-free and fully recyclable. Less expensive than machined bushing.
2. Minimal space required.
3. Lighter in weight than machined bushing or roller bearing.
4. High stability under load, therefore particularly suitable for oscillating bearing.
5. Lubrication grooves are coined into the metal, and any shape desired is possible.
6. Grease depots for long-term lubrication.

Flanged bushing offer the following additional advantages:

1. A single bushing and take both radial and axial forces.
2. A single bearing element is needed to replace both thrust washer and cylindrical bushing.
3. High stability.
4. No fixing of thrust washers.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Maximum Operating Temperature Tmax



Minimum Operating Temperature Tmin



Maximum Static Load Psta,max



Maximum Dynamic Load Pdyn,max



Maximum Dry Sliding Speed V



Available Forms





Cylindrical Bush

Flanged Bush

Thrust Washer


■Download Catalogue: Bronze Bushing Wrapped:  FB090, FB091, FB092, FB093

wrapped bronze bearing
wrapped bronze bearings,wrapped bronze bushings,diamond procket bushings,

GGB-SZ cylindricla bushes,
Structure: Bimetal Bearing with Steel Backing and Lead Free Bronze Overlay,
Lead-free bearing composition with indents as reservoir for the grease, also available without indents;
High load capacity,very good resistance to fatigue strength at high temperatures,Suited to harsh operating conditions;
Particularly suitable for high specific loads with oscillating motion and low frequency,Fine turned shafts suitable;
Bearing forms made to order:cylindrical bushes and sliding plates with non-standard dimensions, customized bearing designs

Strucutre:Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8 with Lubrication Indents​
Bearing material made of solid bronze strip with indents for lubrication;
Good wear resistance, suitable for rough conditions;
Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds.
Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, flanged bushes, sliding plates, customized bearing designs
 GGB MBZ-B09 bearings, GGB SZ bearings

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