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Bimetal Bearings


CLI-BM  Metal Backed Bronze Powder with Solid Lubricants

DEVA-BM bearings, wear plates

 Material Structures:

Copper coating + Metal backing + sintered bronze powder with PTFE+ graphites

1. Sinter bronze powder with PTFE + graphite: good wear resistance with lower friction and excellent load carrying capacity. The material could be machined after fitting to get precision tolerance. CLI also can supply the bearings with PTFE or graphite sprayed layer on the work surface to get much lower start friction.

2. Metal backing: provides exceptionally high load carryingcapacityand

3. Copper plating thickness 0.002mm provides good corrosion resistance.

DEVA-BM material


Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free


CLI-BM comprises a metal shell backed with sintered copper alloy which is uniformly dispersed with graphite and PTFE solid lubricants. The machined layer can not be exceeding the sintered layer thickness.

CLI-BM material is very similar with DEVA-BM materials.

1. Suitable for hostile environments and high loads and where lubrication is difficult;
2. Suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements;
3. Suitable for micro-range movements;
4. No electrostatic charging;
5. Has low coefficient of friction without stick-slip effects;
6. Maintenance free operation.

 Possible Applications

  CLI-BM has been  widely used  in  water   turbines,  vane controls, injection moulding machinery, packing machines,
  construction equipment, tire moulds, paper production machinery, furnace expansion plates, automotive transmission,
  heavy lifting chain linkage, food production equipment etc.

deva-bm plates

Bearing Surface

The standard bearings we supply are usually with plain surface, also we can supply the products with cleaning grooves for small angular movements or in the presence of abrasive media or dirt, and indented surface for grease lubricated applications.

DEVA-BM bearing surface

 Technical Data

DEVA-BM technical data sheet

 Standard Parts Available

deva-bm cylindrical bushings
  DEVA-BM cylindrical bushingsar plates, strips deva-bm wear plates, slide platesDEVA-BM wear plates, strips

 ■ Customerized Parts

  • SB-BM material, Cylindrical bush with grooves;
  • SB-BM material, Thrust washer;
  • SB-BM material, Special components;
  • SB-BM material, Slide plate with grooves;
  • SB-BM material, Slide plate with grooves and bolt holes.















bimetal bearing

bimetal bush

bimetal bushing

bi-metal bearing

bi-metal bush

bi-metal bushing

bimetallic bearing

bimetallic bush

bimetallic bushing

oil pump side plate

oil pump plate

oil pump bearing

oil pump bush

oil pump bushing

SY bearing

GGB SY bearing

SY bushing

SY bush

SY bearing

SY bimetal bearing

bimetal bearing SY

bush for oil pump

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bronze lining

bronze layer

bronze bush

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steel back bronze layer

friction plate

hydraulic pump plate

pump side plate

pump plate

SAE797 bearing

SAE783 bearing

SAE799 bearing

SAE48 bearing 

aloiles-2000 bearings

oiles-2000 wear plates

oiles-2000 bushings

Oiles 2000 bearings

Oiles 2000 bushings

Oiles 2000 wear plates


The distinguishing features of deva.bm are its highly durable steel backing and the bronze matrix with homogeneous solid lubricant indentations that ensure low friction coefficients. The latter is either graphite of varying particle form and size, or PTFE.

It is additionally possible to apply an initial surface film to support running-in phases in which the running conditions are purely dry. Where used with conventional lubricants, the graphite-containing deva.bm sliding layer can be impregnated with oil.


Cli bearing & bushing