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Bimetal Bearings

CLI-450 steel+casting bronze lining

CLI-450 Steel backing with centrifugal casting bronze alloy lining

casting lining bimetal bushings

Material Structures:

Steel backing + casting bronze alloy lining


Self-lubricating & Maintenance-free


CLI-450 biemtal part is the steel backed bronze alloy lined bearing material, the work surface can be produced the oil groove if requested which can improve the oil giving system.

Characteristic compare with the traditional steel bushes this structure provides the material have lower friction, excellent wear resistance, higher temp. can bear etc. .

Now the bearings have been succeed in the high speed mold & Die industries.

 Customized Parts

bushing of steel backing, centrifugal casting bronze lining
steel backing with casting bronze lining

steel backing with casting bronze lining
steel backing with casting bronze lining

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