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Ball Retainer / Roller Guide Bearings

FZL / Aluminium Retainer

CLI041 FZL  Ball Retainer
Structure: Aluminium Retainer + Steel Ball


This is
an aluminium based material, on which the rollers are arranged orderly in certain angle and intervals. Moreover, the retaining technique is improved that dropping of the rollers can be thoroughly prevented. The friction is low and can move freely both in redial and in axial directions, and the bearing is in high precision. This is a young generation of the roller bearing which can roll in high speed, and is used in rolling frane of cold impact moulds, high precision machine tools and their accessories.

The steel ball array is mainly divided into two categories: spiral array and straight line array.


1. Low Coef Friction
2. Long life span

3. High movement accuracy

4. Be Proper for straight line and spiral movement

5. Fast Movement


CLI041 FZL Ball Retainer Bearing & Bush is a new generation replacement of guide pin bush. With high speed movement, this is mainly used in high precision punching tool, high precision machine tool, etc.

Technical Data


Standard Products
CLI-041   FZL Ball Retainer (Metric Size in MM)

■ Spiral Array Ball Retainer                                                     Please Click Here to Check Bushing Dimensions


■ Straight Line Ball Retainer                                                    Please Click Here to Check Bushing Dimensions


Cli bearing & bushing